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celticqueenmel's Journal

25 May
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"On some nights, it is better not to think about the past, and all that is won and lost. On nights like those, just crawling into bed, and slipping between the cool white sheets, is a relief."--Alice Hoffman
80's music, aaba, alice hoffman, anglophiles, ansel adams, b. kliban, baked goods, belle and sebastian, betws-y-coed, big old houses, black hair-pale skin, black pearls, black velvet, blue, books, brecon beacons, buying lots of make-up, castles, cathedrals, cats, celestial stuff, celtic knotwork, celtic music, charmkins, cheez-its, chinchillas, chinese fooooood, clouds, cold coca-cola, cold weather, conwy, correct grammar, danger mouse, daniel day-lewis, decorating, def leppard, delerium, dollhouses, doritoes, driving at night, edmund blair leighton, elizabeth wurtzel, eloquence, enya, exploring, films, firelight, fog, fried potatoes, fuel, full moons, garfield, garnets, george santayana, ghosts and haunts, gillian anderson, goddess, good conversation, good posture, gothic stuff, greek salads, gregorian chants, hard apple cider, harry potter, heather nova, hello kitty, hiking, hildegard von bingen, history, horseback riding, hot topic, interesting lectures, jeans that fit, jewel, laura ingalls wilder, liam neeson, luke skywalker, maire brennan, making lists, matchbox20, medieval stuff, mendhi designs, mists of avalon, mountains, munchoes, my grandparents, my high school days, my tree-hugging boyfriend, mythology, newnham college, nighttime, old houses, opals, oreos, pad thai shrimp, piano music, pink floyd, poetry readings, pointsettias, prairie dogs, rain, reading, redwall, religious tolerance, rem, researching, samhain, satin pajamas, sealing wax, seasons, she-ra, shrimp lo mein, sleepmmmmsleep, snowflake obsidian, sophist philosophy, spawn, star wars, staying up latelatelate, strawberry crepes, stuffed christmas stockings, swimming, the fairy glen, the history channel, the secret garden, thunder, traveling, trying to write, turtles, u2, united kingdom, victoria glendinning, voltaire, wales, web-surfing, websurfing, weeping willows, white pines, wicca, wind, winter gloamings, witchcraft, x-files, yule